The Mary Louis Academy

School Profile

The Mary Louis Academy

176-21 Wexford Terrace

Jamaica, New York 11432

Phone: (718) 297-2120

School Stats

  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • Average Classroom Size: 23
  • Each student completes approximately 125 hours of community service every year.
  • 100% of graduates go on to attend college
  • 86% of graduating seniors earn college credit while attending TMLA
  • 80% of seniors are enrolled in at least one Advanced Placement or Honors level course
  • 80% of our students are awarded the New York State Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation - the State of New York's highest academic standard

Our Story

The Mary Louis Academy is a Catholic college preparatory school for young women founded in 1936 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, New York. Our academic philosophy—rooted in the Sisters’ charism of unity, reconciliation, and all-inclusive love—emphasizes intellectual, social, and spiritual growth. Our dedicated teachers, academic quality, outstanding facilities, and committed students create an unparalleled school spirit.

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176-21 Wexford Terrace, JamaicaNew York 11432

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