St Joseph High School

School Profile

St. Joseph High School

80 Willoughby Street

Brooklyn, New York 11201

Phone: (718) 624-3618

School Stats

  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • Average Classroom Size: 18
  • Average SAT Score: 1500
  • Each student completes 80 hours of community service every year.

Our Story

St. Joseph High School prepares young women to live as responsible persons in whatever paths of life they choose. Grounded in love of God, unity and reconciliation, St. Joseph High School, in partnership with parents and guardians, empowers diverse young women to recognize and develop their potential and create a more just and peaceful world.

SJHS encourages every student to question, to challenge, to recognize and to develop her gifts so she is able to make a profound impact on the world. Our community fosters respect for the uniqueness and dignity of each person.

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80 Willoughby Street, BrooklynNew York 11201

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