Fontbonne Hall Academy

School Profile

Fontbonne Hall Academy

9901 Shore Rd.

Brooklyn, New York 11209

Phone: (718) 748-2244

School Stats

  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • Average Classroom Size: 18
  • Enrollment: 429
  • 100% of students take 3 years of a Foreign Language
  • 71% of Seniors are enrolled in AP Classes (2015-2016 School Year)
  • All students complete at least 15 hours of community service every year, and National Honor Society students complete at least 25 hours.

Our Story

For over 75 years, Fontbonne Hall Academy has been preparing young women to become professional leaders who serve their communities with confidence and compassion. As an all-girls’ Catholic secondary school sponsored the Sisters of Saint Joseph, Fontbonne is committed to Jesus’ mission to promote the love of God in one’s community, and respond to the vocational needs of our time. Our students are challenged to achieve their highest intellectual and creative potential in science, math, the arts and humanities. Enriched by a diversity of persons and gifts in our school community, Fontbonne develops young women to become global citizens who live and work among people of all faiths and cultures.

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