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Starting the School Year at Academia Maria Reina

At Academia Maria Reina (AMR) in Puerto Rico, a Sisters of St. Joseph Sponsored School, the students are currently not allowed to attend school physically due to COVID-19. Until further notice, all classes are online as required by the government.

AMR prepared the school with top of the line technology so the teachers can come in and give their classes. Teachers were provided with cameras, laptops, tripods, etc.  The teachers have been very creative to keep the students’ attention.

For the new students, a drive-thru was held to pick up basic registration instructions for the Microsoft Teams platform and a  welcome gift.

AMR provided online orientation to all students and parents before starting the classes. The school’s slogan in social media platforms was “Virtual o Presencial, ¡la misma Educación de Excelencia!, which means “Virtual or eye-to-eye, the same excellent education!”. AMR modified its schedule to add two small recesses to let students and teachers take a break from the computer between classes.

AMR celebrated its Pin Ceremony with a drive-thru as well. The Principal gave each new student the AMR pin that identifies them as member of the community.

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