The Benefits of Single-Sex Education

We Teach Women That They Can Accomplish Anything

According to statistics from the Fordham Urban Law Journal and the National Coalition of Girls Schools, nearly 75 percent of girls attending all-girls schools say that the experience taught them that women can accomplish anything. It is our fervent hope that this statistic is 100% for Sisters of St. Joseph Schools students and graduates.

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Research Supports Single-Sex Education

Research continuously supports the idea that a single-sex education provides girls with the confidence and the freedom to develop her own gifts and talents.

A study by the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies observed alumnae of both single-sex and coeducational high schools to see if there were any differences in the way they approached their total school experience and their transition into college. In brief, this is what they found:

  • Greater academic engagement
  • Higher SAT scores
  • Greater interest in graduate school
  • Higher academic self-confidence
  • Higher confidence in mathematical ability and computer skills
  • Greater interest in engineering careers
  • Stronger predisposition towards co-curricular engagement
  • Greater political engagement

The study concluded that all-girls’ schools, whether independent or Catholic-affiliated, produce graduates who enter college more academically and politically engaged than women from similar backgrounds who attended coeducational private schools. Girls’ high schools also produce alumnae who possess more confidence in their mathematical and computer skills, and are more likely to desire careers in engineering.

Additional benefits are found specifically within the Catholic school sector, where attendance at an all-girls’ high school enhances students’ scientific orientation, predicts higher SAT scores, and promotes an orientation towards college that is more educationally-motivated and less economically motivated than among female graduates of Catholic coeducational schools.

You can read additional research here in an article from the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia that shows single-sex environments grant access to all leadership opportunities and builds confident, assertive young women. Keep Reading »

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