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“When I came here I didn’t know anything about engineering and to be honest, I thought I would be a little bit bored.  But, turns out the exact opposite happened and I loved it!”  Chloe

“And I’m also coming back next year to be a Peer Leader to help with everyone else.  It was a really good experience.   I really enjoyed it.”  Adijah 

Over the course of a week in TMLA’s Women in Engineering program, students completed more than 10 hands-on projects and learned about the different fields of engineering.  Some of the projects included the Marshmallow Challenge (Civil Engineering), changing milk into plastic (Chemical Engineering), and marshmallow slingshot (Mechanical Engineering).  A tour of the engineering labs at Hofstra University was a highlight of the week.

The program was led by Rhoxanne Morris, Cabrillo College Engineering Outreach Instructor & Alumna, SJSU Mechanical Engineer Graduate;  Barbara  Dimas-Jeronimo, Cabrillo College Engineering Student & T.A., Electrical Engineering Major; Emma Compton, Cabrillo College Engineering & T.A., Bio-Medical Engineering Major;  and Kathy Rutherford, TMLA Alumna ‘79, Professional Engineer, B.E., E.E., M.S. BME, Sr. Member IEEE.

Each day families of the students received NEWSLETTERS detailing activities of the day and often included pictures of girls’ involvement.  These emails also introduced readers to projects like exploration of Computer Science through ASCII table project; CS First activities experience using code on the computer; exploring a non-Newtonian substance known as Oobleck, which defies Newton’s 3rd law of physics (Chemical, Material and Environmental Engineering);  building a circuit (Electrical Engineering). 


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